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Reiki 2

This page serves as a Table of Contents for information provided in my Reiki 2nd degree class manual.

Note: It may take me a while to get these posted so please be patient, bookmark this page, and check back often. 
  1. My lineage
  2. About 2nd degree Reiki
  3. Ethics
  4. The Reiki Ideals
  5. Reiki Guides
  6. Reiki Treatments
  7. Giving a Complete Reiki Treatment
  8. Prayers
  9. Gassho Meiso
  10. Reiji-ho
  11. Chiryo
  12. Joshin Kokyuu-ho
  13. Koki-ho
  14. Gyoshi-ho
  15. Tratak Meditation
  16. Boysen Scanning
  17. The Second Degree Symbols
  18. Activating The Symbols
  19. Power Symbol
  20. Image and Mantra of the Power Symbol
  21. Powering Up With Mother Earth
  22. Mental/Emotional Symbol
  23. Image and Mantra of the Mental/Emotional Symbol
  24. Kahi Reiki
  25. Kahi Reiki for Emotional Issues
  26. Distant Symbol
  27. How To Use the Distant Symbol
  28. Image and Mantra of the Distant Symbol
  29. Reiki Box
  30. The Seven Chakras
  31. Chakra Exercise
  32. How Healing Takes Place
  33. In Closing
  34. Recommended Reading
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