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Advanced Reiki

This page serves as a Table of Contents for information provided in my Advanced Reiki class manual.

NoteIt may take me a while to get these posted so please be patient, bookmark this page, and check back often. 
  1. About Advanced Reiki
  2. My Lineage
  3. The Reiki Ideals
  4. Creating Sacred Space
  5. Master Symbol and Mantra
  6. Meditation with the Master Symbol
  7. Learning and Using the Master Symbol
  8. More About the Master Symbol
  9. Microcosmic Orbit 
  10. Points on the Microcosmic Orbit and What They Mean
  11. Purpose of the Microcosmic Orbit Meditation
  12. Microcosmic Orbit Meditation
  13. Empowering Affirmations with the Master Symbol
  14. About the Reiki Moving Meditation
  15. Reiki Moving Meditation
  16. Meditation Illustrations
  17. Running Energy
  18. Enhancing the Flow
  19. More Enhancement Techniques
  20. Using the Energy
  21. Some Thoughts About Healing
  22. Self as Sacred Space
  23. Visualization and Energy
  24. Psychic Surgery
  25. Difficulties and Problem Areas
  26. Final Thoughts on Psychic Surgery
  27. Directing the Life Force
  28. Reiki Healing Crisis
  29. Mudras
  30. The Smiling Buddha
  31. Raku Kai Reiki Mudras
  32. A Handy Exercise
  33. Reiki Meditation
  34. Crystals and Continuous Reiki
  35. Sending Distant Reiki With a Crystal
  36. Creating A Crystal Grid
  37. Keeping Your Grid Empowered
  38. Final Thoughts
  39. Recommended Reading

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