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Using The Antahkarana Symbols

The Antahkarana is a special symbol that has its own consciousness. It does not need an attunement for it to work. It is the image of the printed symbol that creates the effect. It works directly with your aura and chakras and varies its healing effect depending on what you need at the time of use. Since it is directed by the Higher Self, it always has a beneficial effect and can never be misused or used to cause harm. The symbols can be placed under a massage table, or under the bottom of a chair or you could sit on them. They can also be placed on the wall or they can be held against your body with the print facing the area that needs healing....

... I am so sorry, but this post has been moved to my new website, Twofeathers Reiki, hosted at, it can be found in its entirety here: Using The Antahkarana Symbols


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