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Color Healing

This page serves a table of contents for the information provided in my Healing With Color workshop manual.

Note: I have posted most of this information on my new website, Color Therapy. The links below will take you directly to the post on that site. I'm sorry for any confusion this may cause.
  1. How Color Affects Us
  2. History of Color and Light Healing
  3. Why We Respond To Color The Way We Do
  4. How Light Affects Us Physically
  5. Light Starvation
  6. Symptoms of Light Starvation
  7. What Light Nourishes
  8. The Psychology of Color
  9. What One's Favorite Color Signifies
  10. Color Healing Overview
  11. Color Meditations
  12. Rainbow Breathing Meditation
  13. Color Healing Meditation
  14. Pouring Color Into The Body
  15. The Color Red
  16. The Color Orange
  17. The Color Yellow
  18. The Color Green
  19. The Color Blue
  20. The Color Indigo
  21. The Color Purple or Violet
  22. Color and Sound
  23. Practical Ways to Use Color For Healing
  24. Quotes About Color
Other posts on color healing not included in the mini-course:

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