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The Key of E and the 3rd Chakra

The Key of E is traditionally associated with the Third Chakra, or the Solar Plexus Chakra. The Third Chakra is the seat of the essence of reception, unification and centering, aspects of the essential self that are deeply empowered by your ability to choose. When the Third Chakra is open and free flowing you will experience a sense of being centered and a deep knowing of who and where you truly are. A sense of confident calm often accompanies these feelings.

When the Third Chakra is blocked and bound, you may experience shortness of breath and a tendency toward panic attacks and feelings of anxiety. You may be faced with the inability to define your position or relationship with the external world and experience chronic discontent with the details of your life. Learning to let go of these preconceptions is the next step in creating the conditions that allows the essential self to come forward. By allowing yourself to let go of these desires and the preconceptions and expectations that accompany them, you are beginning the work of opening the Third Chakra.

Here's a video music clip of a Funk, Jazz, Blues backing track in E major to groove on. For more music in the key of E, check out this list of compositions in the key of E.


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