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Reiki 1

This page serves as a Table of Contents for information provided in my Reiki 1st degree class manual.

I am currently in the process of moving this information to my new website Twofeathers Reiki, which is hosted at The links on this page will take you to the posts on my new website. Sorry for any confusion this may cause.
  1. The Reiki Symbol
  2. Reiki - The Short Explanation
  3. Rei Ki - What The Words Mean
  4. What Is Reiki?
  5. How Reiki Works
  6. Kirlian Photographs
  7. The Advantages of Reiki
  8. The History of Reiki
  9. About Dr. Chujiro Hayashi
  10. Reiki Comes To The West
  11. The Original 22
  12. The Evolution of Reiki
  13. My Lineage
  14. The Reiki Attunements
  15. The 21 Day Cleansing Process
  16. Coping With The Cleansing  
  17. The Five Principles of Reiki  
  18. Reiki Ideals
  19. Gassho Meiso  
  20. Joshin Kokyuu-ho  
  21. Activating The Reiki
  22. Exploring The Reiki Energy
  23. Reiki For Yourself
  24. Hand Positions For Treating Yourself
  25. How To Amplify The Reiki
  26. The Seven Chakras
  27. Prayers
  28. Reiji-ho 
  29. Chiryo
  30. Preparing For A Reiki Treatment
  31. Giving A Complete Reiki Treatment
  32. Geodoku-ho
  33. Hand Positions For Treating Others
  34. What The Sensations Mean
  35. Advantages Of A Whole Body Treatment
  36. Kenyoku-ho
  37. Ethics
  38. Reiki For Animals
  39. Reiki For Everything
  40. Reiki Mawashi
  41. Sho Chu Reiki
  42. In Closing
  43. Recommended Reading
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