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Music Therapy - A Short Course

This page serves as a table of contents for a short course in Music Therapy offered as part of a class in Holistic and Complementary Therapies given for CEU's (continuing education credit) for nurses and health care professionals. The intention of the course is to give a general understanding of Music Therapy.
  1. About Music Therapy
  2. Introduction to Music Therapy
  3. History of Music Therapy
  4. Principles an Practices of Music Therapy
  5. Techniques of Music Therapy
  6. Benefits and Uses of Music Therapy
  7. Certification and Legal Responsibilities
  8. Risks, Contraindications, and Client Safety Issues
  9. Guided Imagery
  10. Music And The Chakras
  11. Musical Meditation For The 7 Chakras
  12. Yoga, Music, and the Chakras
  13. Music Therapy Online Resources listed in Recommended Reading
The following posts provide additional information that I thought would fit in well with the theme of the course:
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