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The Key of A and the 6th Chakra

The Key of A is traditionally associated with the Sixth Chakra, or the Third Eye Chakra. The Sixth Chakra is the seat of the essence of clarity, open mindedness and seeing the truth. It is no coincidence that this center is located in the brow, in the "place between the eyes" Indeed, the sixth center is the most famous of all Chakras - the Third Eye. When the Sixth Chakra is open and free flowing you experience a sense of clarification and let go of judgmental attitudes that produces anger, fear and resentment. Appreciation born of the ability to see things as they truly are tailors your outlook on life.

When the Sixth Chakra is blocked you will often experience feelings of anger, doubt and fear. Judgmental bias or dogmatic attitudes are usually present, states of mind the generally lead to an inability to make commitments. The need for clarification and reassurance is very present when this center is blocked. Working to open the Sixth Chakra will bring forward an understanding of what it means to see clearly, without the energies of bias and judgment clouding your perspective and influencing your thinking and then your actions.

In this music video, Bob Marley sings "Is This Love?" a reggae tune in the key of A. For classical music in the key of A, see this list of compositions in the key of A.



  1. Greetings,
    Congratulations for preserving the ancient art..
    For years reflexology charts are an
    useful indicator for progress in path to solar plexus.e,g,
    Solar Plexus,
    a. Yoga as solar plexus chakra / Navel chakra.Kundalini killing !
    b. Bible born again( Eccl 12 .6),for male practitioner as pretended pregnancy experience.
    c Science as mystery of 17 Th rib(Adam's rib on backside of body.
    d. Suspended Animation..presently FDA had approved its human trials..
    e. DNA repairs..d and f are for 1000 years living related..
    f. Quran as tailbone awakening..
    g. my experience as body=mind=heart =love..
    which key open's human heart ?

    plus ..mummification,immortality......


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