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The Key of D and the 2nd Chakra

The Key of D is associated with the second Chakra, or the Sacral Chakra.  The Second Chakra is the seat of the essence of relationship, duality and the beginnings of self awareness. When the Second Chakra is open and unblocked by your emotions, memories and desires, you experience a deep sense of self awareness, a feeling of knowing who you are, of being present within yourself and for yourself.

When this center is blocked, you may experience sensations of separation both within yourself and from your closest family members. You feel disconnected, not in relationship, agitated and alone. You are not present. Learning to be present and to welcome your relationship with yourself and others is the next step in creating the conditions that allow the essential self to come forward. Opening the Second Chakra is an important step on this journey.

Here is a Mozart Sonata For Two Pianos in D Major. For more music in the key of D, see this list of compositions in the key of D.


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