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When Self-Treatment is Unsuccessful

Revered Beth Gray: “There are those who do a lot with Reiki and there are those who do nothing. We are not speaking of the latter. When we are faithfully practicing Reiki, why is it that we have no success with our own pains?”

Hawayo Takata: “Success with what?”

Reverend Beth Gray: “Our own pains. Why aren’t they successful on themselves?”

Hawayo Takata: “Oh, okay. Not successful on themselves? In that case, I say, I say it again, that there, that may be their reactions, especially in rheumatism. If it’s the cause … that they have had the cause for about twenty-five, thirty years. You don’t expect that to get over, overnight. So you have to keep on trying.

But then again, you have to get out. Relieve your toxins. You have to have reactions. Reactions are the physical change, the body change, are all the waste sickness that comes out. Give a chance so that the body does change and then you have to rebuild. By rebuilding, you have to change your diet. If it’s chronic it’s going to take time. If it’s anything acute, the treatments, will be more effective, and in a few weeks … if it’s an acute, once or twice, it’s gone.”

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