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Washing Hands After Reiki

Reverend Beth Gray: “Is it necessary to wash the hands after we do the healing?”

Hawayo Takata: “It is if you are treating someone else. Why not? I wash my hands every time I have a new patient. I don’t use my hands without washing. I wash my hands. All the dentists wash their hands, whenever. Isn’t that common sense? Isn’t that common sense? But not a necessity because of the fear that this will, the illness will come to you. No, that won’t happen. But then, when you touch a patient, or when you treat the patient, or anybody, it is proper to wash your hands. But not with rushing, saying, ‘Oh, I got get rid of ….’ No we don’t do that. It’s not … it’s not that … it’s not contagious, in other words.”

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