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The Heart Chakra

The Heart Chakra is centered along the spine behind the heart region and is a deep emerald green in color. It is responsive to your feelings of love and completeness as a person. It affects the circulatory system of the physical body.

When your heart chakra is open and balanced: You are a very compassionate, understanding, and generous person. The emotions of love, joy, happiness, honesty, and respect are very important to you. You are considerate and sensitive to the needs of others, and empathetic to their pain. You are able to feel love for all beings around you, in an ever-widening circle from yourself and family, your pets, friends, neighbours, countrymen, fellow human beings and all fellow living beings. on Earth. Ultimately, you can see the Divine in all beings, and you realise the same Self in you is also the Self in them as well.

When your heart chakra is out of balance or constricted, there may be problems with: co-dependency, melancholia, fears concerning loneliness, commitment and/or betrayal, shallow breathing, high blood pressure, heart disease, cancer.

The Heart Chakra is our central chakra, it is here that the physical body meets with spirit. The heart is very complex it not only gives us our beat for life, but here we feel all kinds of emotions, Love, compassion, truth, as well as confusion and frustration.

Once we have ascended the first three chakras on relating to survival, the Root, self knowledge the sacral and personal power the solar plexus, we are now ready for the embodiment of enlightenment. Embodiment is about embracing all your qualities of the lower chakras to make them part of our lives.

Source: Mandala Madness

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