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Reiki Natural Healing

Reiki (ray-key) is a Japanese word for Universal Life Force and a system of natural healing that channels Reiki through the hands. It is known by many names.

The traditional Asian medical paradigm views injury, dysfunction and disease as manifesting when subtle energies are weak, distorted or out-of-balance. Tai Chi, Acupuncture, Homeopathy, Hatha Yoga, Shiatsu, Polarity, Macrobiotics, Radionics, and herbal remedies are means of optimizing subtle auric and internal energies.

Reiki accesses the source of Life to heal the self and others on spiritual, mental, emotional and physical levels. Reiki allows the source of well-being to enhance and balance natural life forces through non-intrusive therapeutic touch. Health maintenance, pain relief, mental quietude and healing result from its application.

Reiki augments and accelerates the healing process. It can be effective in cases that do not respond to other forms of treatment. It can be used in conjunction with any other therapeutic modality. Creative energy is the essence of all healing. Dr. Albert Schweitzer said, "We physicians do nothing, we only help and encourage the
physician within."

Reiki is a spiritual power that came with the Buddha's enlightenment. He gave that gift to his students along with meditation techniques which were the means of his self-realization.

In the late 1800's a specific formula for accessing Universal Life Force was discovered in some Sanskrit sutras found in a Kyoto zendo by a scholar seeking knowledge of what the Buddha taught about healing. Mikao Usui was contemplating what he had learned when he received a transcendental initiation, the results of which were the abilities of healing by laying on of the hands and of sending healing over distance. Much later he realized that the experience of God is more essential to fulfillment of the purpose of life than the power of healing.

Reiki is an essence which comes from the Source of Life itself. Since Reiki is multi-dimensional it can be a catalytic factor in personal evolution no matter what beliefs are held. The experience of Reiki is a vehicle to becoming conscious of your own being regardless of faith or concepts.

The innate ability to channel healing energy through the hands is awakened through a series of direct transmission initiations which attune and align energy centers in the body and hands. Reiki is not a system of religious beliefs. The world does not need another. Anyone can learn Reiki; it is very simple.

  • relieves stress and pain.
  • relaxes muscle spasms.
  • releases emotional blockages.
  • accelerates natural healing.
  • stimulates the immune system.
  • balances subtle body energies.
  • is beyond belief.
  • can be used in conjunction with any other therapeutic modality.
  • is effective on chronic and acute illness or injury.
  • can be learned by anyone.
  • uses laying on of the hands.
  • can be sent over any distance.
  • is a means of sharing love.
  • is completely safe and benign.
  • protects the practitioner.
  • is Universal Life Force.

    Source: SpiritWeb

The only way to know it is to feel it. If you are interested in having a treatment contact me. If you are interested in becoming a Reiki Practitioner register for a class now.

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