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Ten Commandments of Life

  1. Fully and unconditionally love yourself.
    Recognize your Divinity.
    Honor yourself.

  2. Unconditionally love and accept others.
    Recognize their Divinity and honor them.

  3. Take responsibility for your actions.
    You always have a choice;
    how you feel, act or what you say.
    Act, don't react.

  4. Be a Master of Divine expression.
    Live the Universal Laws of Love, Peace, Truth.

  5. You create your life
    (by your choices, feelings and actions).
    Live in joy.

  6. Let go and allow.
    Listen to and follow, unconditionally,
    your small quiet voice; your spirit.

  7. Be thankful and humble.
    Give thanks for what you have and receive.
    Be grateful.

  8. Your sustenance comes from inside you.
    You will always be provided for.

  9. Your body is the temple of your soul.
    Nurture and care for yourself.

  10. Live in the present moment.
    Life can only be experienced now.

by Adonea (C)1990

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